Odvetniška družba Hajtnik Potrpin

Law Firm Hajtnik Potrpin was founded in 2015 and continues the tradition of advocacy set back in 1983 by one of today’s prominent notary. The present name of the company was given to it after the retirement of the esteemed colleague Peter Volgemut, who began his legal career in this team in 1996.

We tend to avoid media exposure; we strive for such a way of working that should provide our clients with a comprehensive realization of their interests – litigation being the goal or just a means to achieve it. In doing so, we are committed to the Code of professional conduct of the Bar association of Slovenia and to the principles and provisions of the Constitution and the laws.

Knowledge and experience

Commitment to holistic, comprehensive solutions

Young and fresh knowledge and the necessary kilometers behind us

Combination of modern legal sciences and rich practical experience

On the threshold of a third decade of joint legal practice, we are convinced that the best solution is a comprehensive one. It is not enough just to combine the experience of lawyer, prosecutor, and court practice. It takes young and fresh knowledge, and it takes miles behind us. Combining modern legal sciences with rich practical experience are, in addition to knowledge of the structure of the social and legal system, necessary for the successful implementation of selected strategies of client representation. We have taken on the concept of a constantly learning and thinking team whose work is, to the greatest extent possible, still represent the parties in court. Only contact with practice allows forecasting and only good forecasting allows us to select an effective strategy.

Way of working

Comprehensive solutions

We offer our clients comprehensive solutions based on thorough strategic consideration. The key decisions are based on consistent respect for the client’s interests, professionalism, experience, and knowledge of the entire law firm. Our way of working and our approach ensure maximum efficiency for clients by advising them in the pre-institutionalization phase of the dispute; later in the phase of representation before judicial and other decision-making bodies, however, we are limited to interpreting what has already happened without our advice. Dispute should be the exception and solution should be the rule.

Commitment and loyalty

We accept new customers only exceptionally, because of the commitment and loyalty to the existing clientele. We make sure that our clients always receive timely and comprehensive treatment, that requires a lot of time and preparation, which is also related to our agreement on the use of a special lawyer’s fee. The starting point for such an approach is understanding of our clients, their concrete issues, which they entrust us with resolving, and the broader situation in which the clients find themselves. The chosen strategy is the result of a thorough and creative analysis in direction of setting goals and means to achieve them.

Dynamics and promptness

Dynamics and promptness of the implementation are part of the comprehensive service of our law firm. Taking over a case means actively managing and taking care of the matter in appropriate time, though of course, the speed of operations of courts and other decision-making bodies is a given that we can only have a limited influence on. Confidentiality is self-evident in the legal profession.


We use our experience and expertise in the interest of our clients and in accordance with our common values. We would like to highlight just a few lawyer values and skills that come first in our work, as well as in the work of our other colleagues:


We solve problems and disputes with enthusiasm and engagement. We are a dedicated and active partner even for the most demanding clients. The interest of the client is our fundamental guideline, so we help the client by taking over a large share of his legal burden.


Confidentiality does not only mean that we do not discuss client data and documents, but that we also do not disclose who our clients are at all.


We continue to upgrade our knowledge with a wide range of experience of both individuals and our team, that offers effective legal support.


More than three decades of successful legal work by our law firm is a guarantee for an ability of cooperation and discovery of quality solutions that benefit our clients. Despite the tradition, we are aware that quality work does not suffer routine.


We are constantly upgrading, strengthening, and exchanging the professional knowledge acquired in the legal system, from the Faculty of law, through traineeships, to the state legal exam, and checking it on the court floor. At the moment, our law firm has one expert with a degree and another in the process of obtaining a scientific education title at the postgraduate level. In addition, we regularly acquire useful knowledge in various non-institutional forms of education. Study is the basis of our work.


We solve cases using time dynamics that are optimal for achieving our clients’ goals. The course of the case is shown to the parties in a transparent manner and they have a complete insight into the state of their case.

An alternative solution

Even though court backlogs are almost eliminated, we believe in alternative forms of dispute resolution, where the nature of the case is appropriate for it, which are a better alternative considering uncertainties and risks of court proceedings.

Respect of the opponent

Slovenia has over one and a half thousand lawyers who are highly qualified, professional, and dedicated to their profession. There is no simple dispute. The feeling of simplicity is a serious sign of the need for increased caution.

Vision and development

Legal certainty in the European area, (un) predictability of the outcome and duration of legal proceedings on the one hand and awareness of the subjects on the other hand, should lead to the realization that many alternative solutions are better than forced decision-making (eg courts). Only a solved problem allows us to focus on further development. When we look back, we do not see forward. The vision of this law firm’s development is in its regeneration and integration: both in internal staff growth and in the cooperation of contractual co-providers of quality complementary services, which require coordinated action with legal advice in the broadest sense, which includes all areas of conflict, including negotiations, management, and resolution of conflicts.