Areas of work

Areas of work

Law firm Hajtnik Potrpin covers a wide range of legal areas:

• economic, corporate and securities law, including insolvency law and competition law.

• enforcement proceedings.

• property in the broadest sense – neighbor relations, contractual and unjust enrichment relations, licensing, insurance, and consumer law.

• copyright law and intellectual property law.

• tort law.

• advise on issues in the field of public sector, public institutions, and public procurement.

• we also represent pending denationalization proceedings and the relations arising from them.

• criminal law.

• misdemeanor law.

• labor law (both individual and collective), trade union law, company bylaws.

• associations and cooperatives.

• communication and media law.

• real estate and contract law.

• family law.

• non-litigious procedures (co-ownership and border issues etc.)

• o dispute management and resolution through alternative dispute resolution.