Conditions of collaboration

Conditions of collaboration

Communicating with a law firm:

For organizational reasons and to provide clients with an up-to-date and quality service, we expect clients to have all communication through the administration office, in particular:

Coordination of meetings and other appointments and service of various documents (judicial, administrative, misdemeanor, etc.) to ensure compliance with legal deadlines for timely responses (eg complaints, responses to lawsuits, etc.)

The law firm is available on the phones listed in the contacts Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., or by email to the administration office addresses.

If we do not respond to the e-mail within a reasonable time, customers are obliged to check whether we actually received the e-mail, , as sending mail does not mean that the mail actually reached us (because occasionally the server excludes mail as spam).

All information provided to our office is confidential, which applies not only to lawyers, but to all employees of the law firm. Therefore, we expect clients to also inform the administration office of their legal issues and concerns openly, so that from the beginning we can assign the matter to an expert who deals with this field and can provide the client with the greatest amount of professionalism and experience. Upon receipt, we will review each case and determine the legal area of the case for which the client needs legal assistance. We will also have a conversation with the client in a previously agreed time and answer any questions and offer possible solutions. The law firm itself decides which expert will lead the case and who from the law firm will attend a hearing or other procedural act.

If the client has an agreed date and does not cancel it at least one day in advance, the client is charged for the conference from the agreed time onwards. The parties are asked not to be late so that the following clients will also be able to attend the meeting at the agreed time.

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